Xueqi Yang 杨雪琦

I am recently a Ph.D. student in the RAISE Lab (Real-world Artifical Intelligence for Software Engineering) at North Carolina State University, under the supervision of Dr. Tim Menzies. My interest includes Machine Learning, Data Mining and optimization. I am expected to graduate in 2023.

Before coming to NC State, I obtained my bachelor degree of Information Management and Information System with GPA 90/100 from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in 2018 .

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I am now interested in machine learning optimization. I'm currently working on Static Warning Identification using active learnig and FASTREAD to achieve higher recall with lower cost by exploring less irrelevant static warning samples and also dealing scalability problem with subsampling.

Previous Projects

RA Projects (2016-2018):

(1) Credit Scoring via Fuzzy 2-norm Non-kernel Support Vector Machine. Finished an algorithm implementation of linear SVM, SVM with kernels, QSVM and clustered SVM with MATLAB based on the UCI data sets.

(2) Quadratic Surface Support Vector Regression for Electric Load Forecasting. Implemented LS-SVR and QSSVR models with the interior point algorithm in the module "quadprog" of MATLAB, and the OLS regression and ANN models with the module "robustfit" and neural network toolbox of MATLAB, respectively.

Mathematical Contest in Modeling:

(1) Regional Water Supply Stress Index Analysis before and after Intervention, an analysis to regional water problem in Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling in 2016.

(2)Allocation of taxi resource in the Internet era, the entry of China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling in 2015. I partook problem analysis, data preprocessing, model construction, algorithm implementation and optimization.

Courses taken

Foundations of Software Science, Artificial Intelligence - Fall 2018 (NCSU)

Design and Analysis of Algorithms,Computer Networks - Spring 2019 (NCSU)

C, Java, Data Ming, Data Structure, JavaScript, Matlab, SQL, Statistics and Operation Research- Undergraduate

Assistantship Experience

Teaching Assistant -C and Software Tools (CSC 230 002 & 601) - Fall 2018 (NCSU)

Graduate Research Assistant -From Spring 2019 (NCSU)

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